Biker Harness

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Biker Harnesses - absolutely delightful!

biker-dress-boy-small.jpg                  biker-dress-girl-small.jpg

               Vest (left photo)                                 Dress (right photo)
Soft black leather-like harnesses complete with Skull & Crossbones Charm.
The dress is embroidered with a rose tattoo & has two rows of lace (one black and one white row);
while the vest has studs & with 'barbed-wire' embroidery detail. 
Both styles have easy to use Velcro closures

Colours:  Black Vest, Black Dress

Size Weight Measurement Guide  Colours in stock Price
XXS 1-2kg  Neck 18-22cm / girth 28-32cm  Dress $29.50
XS 2-4kg Neck 28-32cm / girth 38-42cm


S 4-9kg Neck 38-42cm / girth 48-52cm  Vest, Dress $29.50

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review