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Back Length is measured from
base of neck/shoulder to end of body at tail.
Dog MUST be standing up straight to obtain correct measurements.
Please check your dog's measurements.
Individual dog's sizes may vary from 'standard'
Male dogs are usually larger than female dogs.
25.0 cm Toy Poodle, Shorthaired Chihuahua
27.5 cm Papillon, Longhaired Chihuahua
30.0 cm Maltese
32.5 cm Mini Foxie
35.0 cm Jack Russell, Australian Silky
37.5 cm Miniature Poodle, Dachshund
40.0 cm Beagle, Corgi
45.0 cm Kelpie, Whippet, Staffy
50.0 cm Kelpie, English Springer, Corgi, Boxer,
55.0 cm Border Collie, Bassett
60.0 cm German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Labrador, Doberman
65.0 cm Ridgeback
Custom Size (Surcharge applies) For those with small narrow necks (e.g. Whippets) or VERY large dogs.


Where to measure details below picture....

BACK LENGTH: Measured from base of neck (where neck meets shoulder bones) to end of body at tail (to length required) For dogs with upright tails the back length should accommodate the upright tail.
AROUND CHEST: Measure around the largest part of the chest (usually 5-10cm from front leg). Allow for coat regrowth on breeds which are regularly clipped.
AROUND TUMMY: Measured halfway along back length. This will be the measurement of the tummy strap.
AROUND LOW NECK: This is measurement of coat neckline. This is NOT the collar measurement. On small breeds the collar will be slightly higher, but do not confuse the two measurements.
FRONT SLEEVE LENGTH: Custom orders for Dachshunds or other short legged breeds, indicate length required for front sleeve. 

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