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How to measure dog hat
Where to measure dog hats....

1. Hats marked with an asterisk (*) after the colour name, means this fabric is available for custom size hats (eg. longer brim)
2. Hats marked with a plus (+) sign means the brim is stiffer than normal (useful for dogs with impaired eyesight.)
3. Hats with codes starting with DHB and DHBB are new stock with stiffer brims than code DH.

SIZE GUIDE - Choose according to BRIM WIDTH  (See below for how to check size.)
Measurements are approximate as hats are handmade. Slight variations may occur.


Size          To suit average breed type, e.g.             Brim Width 
(Face width, just above eyebrows)
Brim Length
Forehead towards nose from crown seamline  
(*See Note)

Crown Length
(From seamline over top of head down back of neck)

Shorthaired Chihuahua, Toy Poodle 10.0 cm or 4" 6.0 cm  10.0cm
Jack Russell, Maltese, Longhaired Chihuahua, Silky Terrier, Italian Greyhound 12.5 cm or 5" 8.5 cm 11.0cm
Kelpie, Standard Poodle, Small Staffy, Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler,  Cocker Spaniel 15.0 cm or 6" 9.5 cm 13.0cm
Border Collie, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd(small), Large Staffy, Ridgeback 17.5 cm or 7" 11.5 cm  15.0cm
Labrador, Rottweiler, Boxer, Large German Shepherd 20.0 cm or 8" 13.0 cm  16.0cm

Actual measurements may vary slightly from style to style as all hats are handmade and also depends on placement when worn. 

CUSTOM BRIM LENGTHS: Check if this service is currently available.
Add $10.00 customise fee
Brim length should not impede dog's ability to eat, drink, sniff. If brim is too long it may also impede vision (depending on placement)
If a SIZE is not shown on our website it means that size/colour dog hat is either out of stock or the colour is discontinued. 
You can use  "Contact Us" to enquire if this colour/size dog hat is still available. Orders take approx 7 -14 days.
Contact us for 'custom brim length' orders for dogs with skin cancers (custom fee applies).



1. Draw a circle on paper.  The diameter of the circle should be the BRIM WIDTH measurement given for the dog hat size you arechecking.

2. Cut out the circle and fold it in half. 

3. Place the folded edge just above the dog's eyebrows.

4. Although the brim shape will be different you can then see if the hat is wide enough to cover the eye area.

5. Check the brim length indicated for the size you are checking - it will be different to the paper circle's measurement.

6. If you have questions please "Contact Us" for assisstance. 

RECOMMENDED HAT PLACEMENT: The hat seamline (where the brim and crown join) should sit just slightly above the 'eyebrow' area of the dog so that the brim will shade the eyes. The elastic strap at sides should be halfway between eyes and ears for comfort.
But as with any clothing it is entirely up to the preference of the wearer. EXAMPLES....

Above: Bindi, showing how hat is designed to sit and where straps go.


Above: Hat is designed to be worn as shown by Molly wearing the red pinspot hat.

Below are pictures of a Border Collie (also called Molly) comparing MEDIUM and LARGE. Medium size (right) the strap is fully extended. Large size (left) gave more shade to eyes and Molly seemed much more comfortable. Remember that all dogs vary in size within each breed.
As we cannot see your dog, we suggest making the paper template as described below.

medium-1.jpg measuring-forehead.jpg

MEASURING BRIM WIDTH: Some dogs may fit between sizes. If trying to decide between two sizes, we suggest the one that gives most shade to the eyes, but it it entirely up to each customer. Molly (pictured) is a Border Collie and whilst the MEDIUM is OK, the strap was fully extended and she seemed more comfortable in the LARGE size.

MEASURING BRIM LENGTH - brim length is quite generous but for dogs with skin cancer, custom made brim lengths are available ($10.00 surcharge) The length should not impede the dog vision, drinking, eating, sniffing. This means it should preferably NOT be to the very tip of the nose as this would cause the hat to hit the ground when the dog sniffed anything - but this is up to the customer. Most times a custom made brim length is not necessary, but check with your Vet.
If you have questions, just email us and ask. 


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