Indi looking glamorous in
her new pink jumper with
white fur on sleeves.

Ready for a nap in his soft
and warm grey fleecy jumper.

Harley keeps an eye on
the camera as he snuggles
in his warm new fleecy jumper.

Dear sweet little Prada
in her sky blue fleecy

Prada in her Celtic jumper
with green tartan shoulders
and beret to match.

Please be patient whilst we rebuild our photo gallery xx xx

Jumper Doberman_small.jpg
Blue Camo jumper
really suits

Jumper Moccha Medium_small1.jpg
Staffy in Moccha 
Size 6-Medium

FJC Black500.jpg
Weimaraner Diesel in a
Black Size 10-XL jumper

Gallery Kenya500.jpg
...with many thanks from
Giselle in far away Kenya


Gallery Lilli Jumper.jpg
Cute little Puppy Lilli
is now feeling warm!

Kelpie Size 8-Large

Dachshund in custom
length & sleeve jumper

Jumper Size 8 Bella - Koolie.JPG.jpg
Bella (Koolie X) 
Size 8 Jumper

 P6231066.jpg P6231079.jpg
Pandora (left & above) 
loves her Size 6 Jumper

PhotoGallery - Boomer Jumper.jpg
Boomer parades his
new BluePaws jumper

PhotoGallery -FletchRPP.jpg
Fetch attempts to 
out-do Boomer

 PhotoGallery Porsche Brown Jumper.jpg Left: We wanted to forward our sincere thanks for the gorgeous little jumper
you made for our mini dashchund.  The customised fit was absolutely
perfect, especially the extra length and the short legs that don't get in the
way. She looks so snug and warm, we think she'll be very happy wearing
it this winter. Thanks again! Lauren and Iain.
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