Q: I couldn't post my review - what should I do?
A: You must LOGIN in order to write a review. This is to stop spammers. Alternatively you can send your review to us via the Contact Us link or to the email address shown on your invoice. Send good quality photos and the name of your pet, along with your comments. We will be happy to add it to our photo gallery along with your review for your friends to see. 

Q: I ordered the wrong size product.  What should I do?
A: Contact us immediately and we will discuss steps to take. All goods being exchanged for another size, MUST be in "as brand new" and saleable condition. 

Q: How do I train my dog to wear a hat?
A: Once you have placed the hat on your dog's head and adjusted the straps for a firm fit (but too tight intially) simply distract your dog's attention from the hat by doing something special. Make wearing it a rewarding experience! We have customers who report that as soon as their dog sees the hat they want it on because it means a special outing or playtime.
It is MOST IMPORTANT that if you see your dog trying to take the hat off, that you take it off for him! Then give him a few minutes rest and put it back on again. Continue to do this several times and then take a longer break. Remember that you don't wear your hat all day long, so don't expect your dog to do so. Be reasonable in your expectations. As your dog becomes more familiar with wearing a hat, he will wear it for longer and longer periods. The only exception to this is if YOU quit!

Q: What is the "Golden Rule"?
A: If you see your dog trying to take the hat off, then you MUST take it off for him!If you do this, your dog will learn to trust that YOU are the one who decides when he should wear his hat. If you allow him to try to "scratch" at it, he will simply learn how to get it off - you do NOT want this!

Q: How long will it take my dog to get used to wearing a hat?
A. Some dogs take to wearing a hat from the first moment it is placed on their head. These are usually dogs who have had a lot of close touching and handling. Other dogs may require a few days training. For dogs needing to be trained it usually takes about 4 days.

Additional Training Tips... 
  • You can also "scratch or tickle" your dog where the hat straps sit. This will encourage your dog to make a connection with your loving hands, your attention, and the hat straps.
  • If your dog is repeatedly trying to get the hat off, check that the straps are not irritating the ears or eyes. This usually annoys a dog and is the main reason dogs try to get the hat off.  The front strap should sit about halfway between the eye and ear.
  • Always make wearing his dog hat a rewarding experience in either attention, outings or some form of treat!  Dogs respond fastest to 'rewards' training methods!
Q: How do I check that the hat size I want to order is correct?
A: Make a paper circle as described below with the DIAMETER (width of circle) the same as the dog hat size brim width you are checking. Cut it out and fold it in half, and it will represent the approximate brim size. Just place it over the "eyebrow" area of your dog
- or where his eyebrows would be if you could see them! The actual brim is shaped to give more eye protection at the sides, so the circle shape is only approximate intended as a SIZE guide..
Q: I have a Sharpei which has much bigger neck. Will the hat fit?
A: No, our hats are designed for 'average' sizes and although the adjustable elastic strap will accommodate many different breeds the Sharpei is outside of this range and will need a CUSTOM size hat made to measure.

To allow for different ages/sizes we suggest you measure as follows:

Place a tape measure across the 'eyebrow' area (just above where the brim meets the crown of the hat), then down under the chin. Now keep going (in a figure eight) and take the tape measure around the back of the head just below the ears, cross the back of the head to just under the other ear, then cross back under the chin to meet the start of the tape at the 'eyebrow' where you started. This will be like a figure eight.
The picture below shows the position of the elastic strap which is one continuous piece of elastic with adjustable slide to loosen or tighten the strap.
We assume that the X-Large hat will be required and the width where the crown meets the brim will be 20cm.

Do NOT change the measurement you give us to reflect this - this information is just so you can see if the hat will be wide enough across the eye area. The measurement around the head/neck area should be firm, but not tight.

Please remember we cannot see your dog and we rely ENTIRELY on the accuracy of your measurements. 
NOTE: Custom made products cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Please contact us (with the measurements) on 02 6025 8994 to order and/or to discuss your requirements. 

Thank you.